Condolences for Neva Lee Smoot


Jane Williams Wright posted on 11/19/21

Such a wonderful and sweet lady..We all knew her as "Aunt Neva" My children adored her and always had a funny story of something she said or did. Her laugh was like no other. She will be missed and forever loved. Thank you for all the wonderful memories over the years.


Robert Eddins posted on 11/18/21

Growing up in Houston I had several "Moms" because of my neighborhood friendships with the kids I grew up with. By my estimation I have known Grytch and Lisa for over 50 years now, living next door since we were in grade school thru graduation....MOM Neva was definitely my "Mom" second only to my own. Mom Neva always made sure we ate....always wanting to know where we were or where we were going... and quick with that motherly admonishment if we weren't where we were supposed to be. Taking care of the wounds of childhood play, inviting me along on some family trip...always asking about other family. She was kind, gentle, sweet, and with a beautiful sense of humor, but never hesitating to set us on the right path if we were to stray (and as kids we did often). After my childhood "family" moved from Houston to other parts and in these later years, I have been privileged to still call my childhood friends not just my friends but also Sister and Brother and Mom Neva. After Neva moved to Glen Rose I visited her many times, (now as a 60+ year old man),and being welcome to stay in her home in for different events and spend time with her. She was the same "Mom"....still making sure we were fed...making sure where we were going and quick to tell us to "be good", and still asking about my Mom and family. Sitting down with her and telling stories over breakfast or in the evenings having a laugh with her was priceless. She was still and will always be my Mom Neva and I will miss her tremendously. Sherrye and I are deeply saddened by the loss of this wonderful woman, Mom Neva, and offer our love and condolences to Sister Lisa and Brother Grytch and to Wes and all of her other family and friends.


Jim Bob Bridges posted on 11/18/21

Prayers for comfort and peace for the family.


Cindie Brooks posted on 11/17/21

All the stories I’ve heard about Neva always warmed my heart. She was a real treasure to her family . The memories of her great home cooking topped with amazing deserts will lovingly be cherished forever. Especially though her most loving nature and caring heart. I have been so blessed to know all about her through her devoted son, Grytch and her kind caretaker and daughter Lisa. May she rest in peace in the loving arms of her Savior. My prayers are with the whole family .