Condolences for Anita J. “Nita” Ray

Dorn Ray posted on 9/13/21

Being part of the Canadian Ray clan, my time and exposure to Nita was limited at best. But the time I did get to share with her was memorable, and I found her to be a loving and authentic Texan soul. Absolutely loved her laugh, and her cooking. Even with my limited time with Nita, I feel fortunate that she was able to meet and get to know my wife Pam and children Samantha and Alicia in past visits instead of through phone calls and photographs. She will be missed. I will miss her...especially that laugh. Thoughts, prayers, and lots of love. Dorn, Pamela, Samantha, & Alicia


Michelle Mungon posted on 9/13/21

My condolences. Nita was a beautiful soul, so glad that I got to meet her.