Condolences for Sue A. Thompson

Sheryl Dudley posted on 6/13/21

It is impossible to express how important Sue was to me as a mentor, leader, and friend. I was blessed to call her all three over the last 40 years and am unable to wrap my head around the fact that I will not see her again in this lifetime. Just yesterday, I was watching the dog show and picked up my phone to text her, only to remember she is gone. She was one of those instant friends that immediately owned part of my heart and we had already planned to meet somewhere fun after September. I have so many wonderful memories that I will cherish: dancing around to ‘Sussudio’ (I always believed Phil Collins wrote it about her.); playing bridge with her and John; jumping on a hotel bed somewhere in Colorado and playing Pictionary in our kitchen with Billy Daniels and his wife. (You had to be at the last one to remember why it was SO memorable.) But, laughing… always laughing. She was incredibly intelligent, even though I could never convince her of that fact. Also, charming, witty, and beautiful with an unmatched sense of style. I used to tell her I wanted her to come dress me every morning. I am grateful I said much of this to her during those 40 years. It has broken my heart that she is gone, and we are both so sad for you, John, as we can’t imagine how hard it is to bear this grief. Know that we are always here for you. As I always said to Sue… ‘Anything, anytime. Just holler and we’ll be there.’ Love you both, Sheryl (and Roger of course)


Louise Fulton posted on 6/7/21

Please pass this along to their Family Please REPORT A DEATH: AT&T Call Center 877-722-0020 to determine if Basic Life Insurance is paid out by AT&T upon the Employee’s OR Retiree’s death. Call the Call Center and they will work thru everything with you. Contact Fidelity as well on 800.835.5097


Kirk McDonald posted on 6/4/21

Sue was one of the most professional REALTORS and friends I ever knew, Such a sweet soul. She will truly be missed.


Mary Anne Walk posted on 6/4/21

I grew up in the business world with Sue. She was a great person, leader and a wonderful friend. We shared many happy times together. Sue hold a place in my heart. John, sending you love and condolences from Anders and me. Love, Mary Anne Walk