Condolences for Bradley Gill


Karen Landers posted on 6/5/21

You were a gentleman, Brad,,, well liked by everyone who knew you. We will genyinely miss you.


Ara posted on 6/5/21

Rest for a short while Bradley. God has better plans for you. JOB 14:14, 15


tim brown posted on 6/4/21

Hi, we were having Christmas in 1974, while in sweetwater. We went for a horse ride with my grandfather, father, brad and myself. It was a cold day west texas day. We rode horses for a while and then later had our Christmas with the rest of the family.


Mary Sue Thomas posted on 6/4/21

Brad was our neighbor for 30+ Years. He and my husband spent many hours sitting on our porch talking about cars especially the old cars, the good old days and trying to solve problems of today. . If we needed help, he was there. He was a truly sweet good guy and he is missed every day. I constantly look over at his house expecting him to be driving by or coming to visit. Miss and live you so much, Brad! I know you are happy and well and at peace.