Condolences for Jennifer Kristin Yates


Susan Grimes. πŸ’œ posted on 6/8/21

So sorry for your loss. The obituary didn't "read more" & I'm saddened that it happened here in Granbury where I now live. πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ’œ


Stephanie Burch Jakes posted on 6/3/21

Mary and Charles, words cannot express my sadness. I wish I could give you both a hug. You know how much I loved her. I'm so grateful for the good memories... Colorado, The Harlem Globetrotters, being in Born on the 4th of July together, gardening with my parents... it goes on and on. I pray for strength, comfort and healing for you all. I especially know, having lost both my parents, what the kids must feel. And extra prayers for their beautiful souls. I love you all.


Toodles posted on 6/2/21

I love you momma. I hope you're surrounded by all your favorite things. You're my favorite person in the world and that won't EVER change. You're my guardian angel forever and this won't ever stop hurting. I love you momma


Robbin Griffith Clipson posted on 6/2/21

Love for a daughter can never be captured in words. The Joy and love which Jenn brought to her family will live on forever in the lives of those she loved. Surely goodness and mercy will follow her.



Renee Puskas posted on 6/2/21

I will always remember Kristin and the fun we had working as 14 yr olds at the snowcone stand. Kristen was much braver than I was when it came to loading the shaved ice machine and turning it on. She would turn it on and we would duck and run for cover, screaming, hoping the chunck of ice didn't fly off!! Lol. We would also try out new recepies and new flavors of snowcones when business was slow. Kristen loved to shop at North Hills Mall and I did too so we usually spent all of our hard earned money on clothes. One summer she came with me and my family to Denver to see my uncle and I was so glad to have my friend to hang out with! We took a long road trip one day and just went up somewhere high in the mountains to spend the day. We had a picnic and hiked and just hung out. Kristin was so much fun to hang out with, she just made things better. Even at 14 or 15, she had a kind heart and was just an old soul in many ways. I have awesome memories of her and even though it's been years, I grieve along with her parents, Charlie and Mary and the rest of her family. I know she gave her heart to the Lord at church and I believe she is in heaven with Jesus and at peace. I will just never forget Kristin and I'm thankful that I haf a chance to be her friend.






Roberta Cordell posted on 6/2/21

We are keeping all of you in our prayers. Love from all of us.


Ryan Lemke posted on 6/2/21

I love you mom. Hope you have the biggest and most beautiful garden to tend to in heaven. It brings me peace knowing you are no longer suffering. Say hi to Papa, Nanny, and Chewy for me.


chelita posted on 6/2/21

Jennifer was still young and she will be dearly missed by many. For now she is in deep sleep. No suffering. JOB 14:13, 14