Condolences for Larry Wolf

Dan Hess posted on 8/15/19

I cherish the memories I have of Larry and the Wolf family growing up in Troy. Larry's incredible humor, super smarts, overt generosity and a pure joy to be around. He just had this way of being that perfect neighborhood Dad to everyone and kick us all into reality...or actually join in on the craziness. My prayers and thoughts are with all of you.



Arvin Dionisio posted on 8/14/19

Mr. Wolf has always been one of the greatest men I've ever been blessed to ever know. The great times hanging out at the house when they lived in Troy MI and all the incredible times we'd go skiing while watching Dave try to make him fall. Such an amazing family and my thoughts and prayers are with you all. Truly blessed to know this family.❤️


Dan Brunet posted on 8/14/19

I'll always remember the time I was fresh out of college looking for a job in Texas when he took me around town, had dinner and a few beers. Then the next morning I went to Mr. and Mrs. Wolf's house just to hang out and watch football. Dave wasn't even there. Treated me like family, he was a great guy, loved his wife and loved his kids. My most sincere condolences. Dan


Doug and Cindy Roberts posted on 8/12/19

Lar was such a funny guy and lady killer. Always had a big hug ready for the girls. He picked the right woman to be his partner. Pearl was always there every step of the way. He will be missed.